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Philosophy and Vision





AHA Food's manufacturing philosophy

We produce products, imagining that they are eaten by our families.


    Clean everywhere with
    HACCP system


    Use only fresh selected
    raw materials.

  • SAFE

    Produce safe products through strict quality
    control at each stage of production.


    Considers the nutrition
    and health of consumers.

AHA Food sets the standard in the food industry.

AHA Food leads the domestic mandu industry through continued technology development and differentiated production technology.

  1. Eight items of patent technology
  2. 20 design registrations
  • ·Developed and launched "potato mandu", and "buckwheat pancake", the first in Korea.
  • ·Hold the most mandu recopies in Korea (300 recipes for commercial use).
  • ·Obtained mandu perforating roller patent (production of mandu in specific shapes)
  • ·Obtained patents in mandu wing forming device and churros mandu wrapper


A food culture company that adds value to food life with frontier spirit


An enterprise that respects nature and cares for people with a focus on taste and quality.

Mission of AHA Food

An enterprise that enriches food life based on customers' trust.

  1. First

    Courage toward the "First"

    Pursues innovation without being complacent

  2. Quality

    Steadfast dedication to "quality"

    Our efforts towards quality continue ceaselessly.  We pursue top quality.

  3. Nature

    Enrich food life along with nature!

    We strive towards a sustainable environment and make our food life prosperous.