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Introduction to Brand




  • Yangjitmal

    Taste crafted with beauty and care

    Yangjitmal is the name of a small village in Gangwon-do.
    It is the leading brand of AHA Food that produces folksy and friendly mandu products.

  • BANG'S mandu

    Pleasure in food

    The first brand of AHA Food, a variety of handmade mandu prepared carefully

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  • Kukjjini mandu

    Feel the rich broth after taking a bite

    Handmade chaotzu-style premium mandu brand of AHA with thin skin and filled content like a handmade mandu


    Delicious exclamation!

    AHA Time is a brand for mandu for school meals.
    Healthy and delicious products for children,
    supplying 50 items, including processed marine products, rice cakes, and disserts